Violeta/Fev ~ 25

they/them. él.
ES/EN/learning 日本語
almost done with art history @ UAM
your official magpie friend

currently on hiatus. will probably be back soon

˟ let's be friends! feel free to req!
˟ although my rts tend to be in EN/JAP, my tweets are mostly in ES.
˟ sometimes NSFW/spoilerish. always tagged beforehand if it's my own tweet.
˟ please unfollow (whenever, it's no big deal) instead of softblocking!

˟ i like, inform myself about and am keen of, in no particular order: interdisciplinary art, (preferably old and obscure) animanga, literature, tarot, stationary, games&VNs, android (apps), urbanism, music, philosophy, politics/activism, escape rooms, ANGSTY TRAGEDIES, cinema, visual culture, corvidae, anarchism, art theories, embroidering, sociology, performance, animals, landscapes, my bird, urban photography, singing, history annnnnd more.

current 'stuff I can't shut up about': Raging Loop, Star Trek (TOS & TAS & TOS movies / shipping Spones & Mcspirk, rip), Moto Hagio's Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru

tl;dr: a wild variety of stuff and a badly organized human walk into a bar

ps: read Fata Morgana